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Global Aviation specializes in Aircraft Inspection, technical evaluation and Certification of aircraft for issuance of a "US C of A" and/or "US Export C of A", "Special Flight permits", and perform aging aircraft inspections on behalf of the FAA. We perform intensive & in-depth review of complete technical records of the Aircraft and Engines.

We also manage, coordinate Aircraft Heavy Maintenance/Modification's, Freighter conversion Projects. Aircraft Technical Evaluation & Certification
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What We Offer
  • FAA DAR (ODA UM) Services
  • Manage Aircraft Acceptances/Deliveries.
  • Aircraft Technical records in-depth review.
  • Manage HMV or Freighter conversions.
  • Aircraft records scanning services
  • Pre-purchase Inspections.

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Who We Are

STEVE BAIDWAN - FAA ODA UM Designee - (GLOBAL AVIATION - MONTREAL, CANADA) EX Airline Director Production & Planning, Manager Maintenance, Quality Assurance Manager, Flight Safety Manager, Inspector for over 22 years.

OVER 36 YEARS OF AVIATION EXPERIENCE & QUALIFIED FAA ODA UM DESIGNEE. A&P LICENSED, Canadian A.M.E (" M1 or M2 privileges include the engines, propellers, components,systems and structures of the applicable aircraft, all turbine helicopters and SFAR 41C aeroplanes. Privileges conform to ICAO annex 1.)
Section Division
Our Client

- U.T. Finance Corporation (Pratt & Whitney)
- Neff Air LLC.
- Titan Leasing.
- Atlas Air.
- Apollo Aviation Group.
- Tiger Aircraft Trading.
- Southern Air Inc.
- Nippon Cargo Airlines.
- Automatic Leasing.
- Unicaptial Leasing.
- Mitre Aviation.
- Jumbo Jet Leasing.
- Automatic Leasing.
- M.C.A.M (subsidy of Mitsubishi Corporation )
- Egypt Air.
- Air Atlanta Icelandic.
- Southern California Aviation.
- Air Canada
- and More.